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Swastha Cookware Use & Care

Unlike your non-stick pans feel free to use any kind of spatula, ladles and spoons ( any metal)
on your cast iron cookware as there is no coating that can get damaged

Get Set Go

  • Your Swastha Cookware is Pre-seasoned in pure vegetable oil and thus ready to use. You just need to give a quick rinse under running water and you are good to go!
  • The Non-Stick nature of your cookware gets better with every use. If there aren’t any food particles stuck on your cookware, just wipe it with a paper/ cloth towel and store.
  • Cast iron heats gradually but once heated retains heat very well. So it is good to use low to medium heat setting to avoid food from sticking/burning.
  • Be very careful with the handles as it get really hot. Never forget to use a kitchen Mitt to handle your cookware when it is hot.

Cleaning & Care

This Cookware will stay with you for life and can be passed to generations to come, if taken proper care. Made from pure cast iron, rusting is a natural phenomenon. Just follow these simple steps to make the best out of your cookware

  • Do not let your cookware stay wet or soaked in water for a long time.
  • Wash with a mild detergent, scrub with a nylon bristle and do not forget to wipe it dry. Even better heat it a little bit to drive away the tiny hidden droplets.
  • Apply a very light coat of oil all over and store in a dry place.


Swastha Cookware aims at revivng the Ancient Indian Wisdom of cooking in cast iron utensils. We also pledge to take a step towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Incase your cookware develops rust, or loses its seasoning, just follow the simple steps to re-season it.

we create better cooking experience

Start with Swastha Cook Ware.